Dating kluson tuners Sacramento adult cameras

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Dating kluson tuners

Thanks also to Larry Davis of Kluson , who informs me that the earliest catalog that Kluson has access to is 1965, as all their older materials have been lost over the years when the company changed hands and locations.

(This is simply because PRS builds so many guitars it is impossible to find that much really good wood).for help in identifying several of the non-labeled tuners, and to help with the dating of some of those & the labeled ones.The following tuners appear in the 1935 Grover catalog, and were probably in earlier catalogs: 03, 09, 04, 11, 16, 17.This of course goes back to one of my non technical reasons that I don't like the Mc Carty guitar.Don't worry I'll be listing plenty more technical reasons why I don't like it also.

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It was extremely heavy and it didn't hold perfect tune on the G string.

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