Free female cam chat no credit card to join

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Anyone can copy bank sites, stores, or any other logos and pictures from a web site, and use them elsewhere. I figured out something was up as soon as they asked for CC information, but in the future I will definitely be wiser.

One more piece of advice, get a few expendable email's. They have no personal information of mine, I was able to change all my passwords, I don't access my bank on this computer, and I have pretty serious virus protection on this machine, so I think I'm good.

Anyone that wants texting thru gmail or some other messaging source outside of direct phone numbers or POF messages shouldn't be trusted in my book. "She" was responding to my messages, but it was like she wasn't reading everything I'd said, and only replying to some of what I'd written every time she'd reply.And, yes, info obtained in this way can also be used for purposes of identity theft.ANY notice or link that takes you off-site from or Plenty Of - is not run by POF, and pretty much is guaranteed to be a scam of one type or another.If you had given them your credit card info, you probably could have gotten your money back from your credit card company.But then you would have to change your card numbers and deal with all the hassle that involves.

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It’s funny how people talk about wanting to lose 10lbs, but when you ask them if they’ve changed their diet or hit the gym, they say, “Well, I was really busy last week…” Same with money.

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