Macbook pro battery icon not updating Milf for sexy chat

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Macbook pro battery icon not updating

For Mac Book Pro owners who are seeing bad battery life, it's worth checking the Activity Monitor to make sure the d GPU is not in use.

Sometimes the battery indicator LEDs won't even light up until after this time.Mac Book Pro buyers have complained about getting less than 10 hours of battery life, reporting as little as three hours of battery life in some cases, but battery performance can vary significantly based on the apps and processes that are running.Customers with poor performance may be using apps that are not optimized for the new Mac Book Pro, and on the 15-inch machine, if an app engages the discrete GPU, battery life takes a significant hit.All we can do is open it up and disconnect the battery for 5 seconds and then it boots (need to force update the time afterwards) any ideas of doing this without opening the buggers up? The system should boot just fine sans battery with a proper power supply.I recently ran into an issue of a completely dead 2009 MBP battery (luckily removable), but it boots just fine provided an 85W power supply is attached (no go with 60W--no power indication at all). The battery itself has a chipset (well, in the past 5 ish years) that we've seen the need to reset every so often.

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Going forward, the battery icon in the Mac's menu bar will offer a look at remaining battery percentage, but it won't provide estimates on how long the Mac Book Pro's battery will last.