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Medievil dating forummember phpu

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Eventually, this broke the spear men as the combined volleys of arrows, slingstones and verutii wore them down . And some pedites veteranii in the thick of things!!

PS: I havesince conquered virtually all of Egypt, the levent, and the anatolian borderlands from the romans.

persia's vital cities were also captured, and Ctesiphon, Amida, and many other cities in our hands; the persians are now confined to the plateau, and dare not near the coast. apart from better sanitation and medicine and education and irrigation and public health and roads and a freshwater system and baths and public order... Some of my favourite quotes: "Your god has yet to prove himself more merciful than his predecessors" ~ Hypatia, as represented in the film 'Agora' "If you choose to do nothing, they will continue to do this again and again, until there is no-one left in the city, no people for this governement to govern" Ask and you shall receive!

– on his face began to play a sly smile, and I have shame and excitement incomprehensible dizzy.

The first road to the right will lead you straight to the castle, “Light of the Moon”.

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the commander of the first roman wave was killed then.