Right choice dating

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Right choice dating

I know that as you listen and think of how our interview applies to you, there will come impressions regarding what to do about it in your own life.

Question: Could you give us some help about resisting peer pressure?

You can also help others because they will feel your strength. Choose good friends and resist peer pressure together.

Let them know about your standards by consistently living them. They come when you compromise your standards to be more accepted by others. Question: How do we keep bad thoughts from entering our minds, and what do we do when they come? Others come because we invite them by what we look at and listen to.

You then will have clear standards from which to make choices.

It causes powerful physical and emotional stimulation.My purpose is to help you learn how to make the right choices.That will help you develop strong feelings of self-worth.While they apply to all present, I particularly want to talk with you young men.I will speak as though you and I were alone in a private interview and no one else can hear us.

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One of the hardest things for you to recognize is how truly strong you already are and how others silently respect you. You don’t need to compromise your standards to be accepted by good friends.

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