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One Facebook user said that she found out her boyfriend was gay by reading his messages.

Also, if you want your relationship to work, sending the gift of handcuffs to a person other than your significant other is not a step in the right direction.

The majority of Facebook relationship troubles, however, were due to flirtatious messages.

It’s bad enough to kiss and tell, but don’t kiss and tell every one of your facebook friends.

People seem more energized and focused to find their One this time of year.

We can help you to learn about patterns that sabotage your relationships, issues that make intimacy difficult, uncover your natural charisma, improve your communication skills, not to be trapped in wrong and damaging relationships, discuss ways of finding the right person for you, and suggest ways to improve your sexual charisma, confidence and enjoyment.

One Facebook user’s girlfriend was sending flirty messages to another guy, and it showed up on everyone’s News Feed.

You need to decide if it is a risk you’re willing to take.

Make sure to have “the talk.” When my boyfriend asked me if I wanted to put our relationship status on Facebook, I said no.

Keep photos with other guys/girls PG, and keep your on-the-side flirting off camera.

This should be a no-brainer, but if you are in a relationship, post photos of you kissing any other person but your significant other, or doing anything questionable that might make him or her upset or suspicious. One user of the site found out that his girlfriend was sending out naked photos of herself through Facebook messages.

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And even though many people are able to maintain healthy Facebook relations, others have encountered problems, even going so far as to say that Facebook ruined their relationship (ironically, several “Facebook ruined my relationship” groups exist).

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